‘He Hugged Me Tightly’ How Your Boyfriend Hugs You Reveals How Much He Loves You

“He hugged me tightly” is something you might’ve said to your girlfriends after a date with your love.

Girls, if you’re in a relationship, how does your boyfriend hug you? Do they hug you from the back, or maybe they have this special way of hugging you that no matter where or when, even if you’re blindfolded, you’ll know that it’s him.

Did you know that the way he hugs you can actually show how much he loves you? Here’s how much your boyfriend really loves you when he hugs you a specific way. Does your boyfriend hug you that way too?

It might be to the point where you question, “Why does he want to hug me so much?” or wonder, “Why does he hug me so tight?”

Hugging Your Boyfriend

You could be standing in front of him, or he may be sneaking up on you, and the next moment, you’ll find a pair of arms wrapped around your chest, hugging you tightly in his embrace.

If he does that, there’s one thing you know for sure: he loves you. He wants to protect you against the world by covering your back – the most exposed area of the body. What really sealed the deal is this. He’s protecting you by exposing his own back. Aww.

But if he does that all the time, it simply means he’s unsure if you love him as much as he does you. So if your boyfriend does that, turn around the next time he hugs you, electrify him with your eyes and give him a long, hearty kiss. End off with a sweet, “I love you.” Perfect.

Rubbing your back when hugging you
While he’s hugging you, he’s gently rubbing circles on your back. As previously mentioned in #1, the back is the most exposed part of the body, and by rubbing gently on your back, not only does he love you, he wants to protect you and nurture you to your full potential.

These kind of boyfriends are likely to be the perfect boyfriends, willing to let you go out and experience all there is to experience in the world, and be there at your side whenever you need him. Treasure him, ladies.

The patting

Okay, it’s the patting, not the petting. This isn’t really good news, but hey, good or bad, we all want to know before things spiral out of control, right? It might mean he’s mad at you, or he’s not a fan of PDA when you hug in public.

Either that or he’s trying to be encouraging when you’re about to do something that’s kinda momentous to you like going on stage for performance or other related incidents.

How To Hug Your Boyfriend

Wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you flush against him. In a nutshell, he wants you. Everything of you, from your soul to your body, he can’t get enough of you. If he places his head against yours, he wants your thoughts to be aligned with him.

If your boyfriend does this to you, be prepared for some hot and heavy action. Like really fired up action, if you get what we mean.

He hugs you tightly as though you’ll disappear the moment he lets go
He loves you, miss you and want you to stay by his side forever. He’s afraid that the moment he let you go, you’ll disappear from his life, a thought that’s scarier than what he’s went through in his life thus far.

I Love Hugging My Boyfriend 

Treasure this man, ladies, this is a man who’s going to treat you like a princess all your life. But if he does this often, it’s either he doesn’t know his own strength, or like #1, he’s unsure about how you feel towards him.

So be sure to show him some serious lovin’, kay?

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