If a classmate does these 10 weird things to you, she might be interested in you


Last Updated on 2017-05-21 , 12:43 pm

School romances are both complicated and exciting—firstly, you don’t know who likes who, and who is already with who.

In fact, there might be two people liking each other but never getting together even after graduating. Yeah, that’s a waste, and a premise for a romance movie, but after reading this, this might just change altogether.

She’s always borrowing things from you
Whether it’s a pen or a ruler, it seems like everyone else is invisible and she’ll only borrow from you. And she’ll return them one by one.

She’s always looking away when you look at her direction
Maybe you’re not even looking at her, or maybe you’re just turning your head. But she’ll often turn away so fast that you worry her neck might just break.

She’s always asking you to help her in her schoolwork
Even if you’re the worst student in class, she’ll want you to teach her. Her excuse reason? Because “let’s be wrong together then.”

She’ll ask you if you need help with your schoolwork
She won’t do your homework for you, but would teach you. Very, very slowly.


She’s always sitting near you during breaks
You thought it’s coincidence? Come on, you think 4D arh?

She’ll carry the bag or the brand of your bag
It’s just for one conversation starter: “Hey, we got the same bag! How much did you get it for?”

She’ll always be outside the school when you’re going back home
If you really think it’s coincidence, then you really need to buy 4D this weekend.

She’s always asking whether your good friend is going for a gathering
She won’t ask whether you yourself would be there—because it would be too obvious. And your poor good friend might really think she’s interested in him!


She’s good friend with your best friends
Just like the previous points, her objective is to know more about you.

She’s yet to confess to you despite you knowing that she likes you
That’s how the world works, right? So if you really think she likes you, either accept her or avoid her. Don’t give her false hope!

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