If you do these 10 things, your relationship has reached 老夫老妻 stage


Last Updated on 2017-05-27 , 5:23 pm

Are you in a long-term relationship, a.k.a LTR? If you do, here are 10 things that you might be doing with your partner.

You talk about money

In the past, the only time you touch on the topic of money is to ask the guy to pay for the dinner or the movie tickets, either that or request to go on dutch.

But you’d realise that as the time goes on, you’d have to report on how much you spend, how much you’ve saved and you’d realise the truth of the saying “Your (the guy) money is my money, my (the girl) money is my money.”

You fart and burp in front of each other

Remember back then when you first got together, you’ve thought that she’s special because she’s so perfect and seems like she doesn’t have to fart or burp at all.

Fast forward a few years and you’d realize ruefully that you’re wrong as she fart and burp in front of you like nobody’s business, and you don’t mind.

No image in front of each other

This is somewhat related to the above point. You don’t seem to care about image anymore, and there’s no need to put a false front for your partner. They know your good and bad points, and you know theirs.


If you need to go to the toilet, it’ll be I want to go pangsai instead of I need to visit the restroom.

You can complete each other’s sentences

Remember telepathy? Couples who are in the 老夫老妻 stage seems to be so in-sync that they are able to complete each other’s sentences even without thinking about it.

You talk about things that’s usually TMI (Too Much Info)

Back when the relationship just got started, you’d talk about things that are generally safe to talk to each other about – your work, your day, interesting things that took place during the week, etc.

As time goes on, topics like shaving of pubic hair, pimples on butt cheeks, menstrual cycles are included in conversations as well.


You don’t dress up when you go out anymore

Date nights in the past consist of hair wax, clean-shaven face and at least a pair of jeans with a t-shirt. Now, it consists of a pair of berms, a t-shirt (or singlet) and a pair of Havana’s flip flops.

Dressing up is no longer for everyday dates, but instead reserved for special days like anniversaries or birthdays.

Staying home is the most popular activity for your dates

No, we don’t mean staying at home for hanky-panky. You and your partner stay at home to watch dramas separately or whip up a meal together. Going out seems to be a hassle for you guys.

You don’t hover around each other anymore

When a relationship first got started, guys will open doors, hold her hands or wait for her to stand before moving off. Guys who are in the 老夫老妻 stage will just seat themselves down or walk off without waiting for the girl to stand up, expecting her to catch up.  

The opening of doors seems to be a thing of the past.

The way you text each other

In the past, it was: I missed you! Where do I meet you, I’m thinking of you xoxo. Now, it’s like texting a friend, hey I’m waiting beside SK. Where are you? Short, succinct and to the point.

You don’t get easily jealous anymore

When you know your partner is meeting someone of the opposite gender, instead of getting paranoid and stalker-ish about it, you just sit back and relax, savouring the free day because you’re assured that he or she is not going for anyone else other than you.

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