If your boyfriend does all these 10 things, he’s ready to be your husband


Last Updated on 2017-10-27 , 9:59 pm

You know those surprise looks girlfriends always have when their boyfriends proposed to them? Yeah, they could be real, because a boyfriend usually keeps everything to himself, from how much he loves his girl to whether he’s ready to be her husband.

If you’re attached, why not check whether he’s done any of these; if he has, then he’s ready to be your husband. But still, please still look surprised when he proposes, if not it won’t be romantic!

He becomes a child in front of you and even cries
When he’s become so comfortable with you, to the extent of making you his wife, he’ll show the child side of him that never grows up.

He still finds time for you despite his hectic working schedule
It’s not easy to be building a career and a relationship, but if he’s willing to sacrifice his sleep just so that he can balance between you and his career, you know you’ve got a man who can manage his time well and also put you as a priority.

He invites you to his friends’ wedding
He might be just hinting to all his friends that you’re next—or that you’ll be the one he’s going to marry. No one else.

When he thinks of a vacation, he thinks of you
Whenever there’s an offer on a staycation or a holiday tour, he thinks of you immediately and wonders whether you’ll like it because every holiday must include you.


He uses “we” instead of “I” in all conversations
Because everything requires your approval and permission, as everything is about the both of you, not just him himself.

He’s willing to let you meet his family members and friends
This means he’s committed to you—after all, he’s showing you his social circle, one of the most private side of him. Just think about it: have you met your friends’ family members and friends? No?

He’s willing to spend money on you
Yet when it comes to himself, he’ll rather carry a ten-year-old torn bag than to buy a new one. All he wants is you to be happy.

He’s motivated to work hard just for you
Maybe he didn’t say it aloud, but if you see him working harder and suddenly buying more things for you, you know he has become more motivated at work because he wants you to marry him.


He buys things for you
Any marketers would know that selling anything to a guy is one of the toughest things to do because they seldom buy things. But if they buy things for you, it shows that he’s doing something he usually doesn’t, just so to make you happier a little.

He shows every emotion he has in front of you
Every single one of them, even anger. Why is that good? That’s because he’s willing to show his emotions to you because he won’t want to hide them. When you’re with someone unfamiliar, do you show every emotion you feel to him or her? No? Well, you get the idea.

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