If your boyfriend is always losing an argument, he’s a keeper because of this reason


Last Updated on 2016-11-22 , 11:52 am

Having an argument is part and parcel of being in a relationship—without them, you ought to look at your relationship again because one party might have become disinterested. On the topic of argument, do you have a boyfriend who is always losing the argument? Even if you, the girlfriend, know that you’re in the wrong (and just want to quarrel for argument’s sake), the guy still apologize for no reason?

If he has always been losing argument, here’s the thing: he’s a keeper. Cherish him, and marry him if you can.

Firstly, you’ll have to understand a man’s ego. They’re born to be slightly more egotistic than woman—that’s why you see man showing off more often than women. Men want to win in everything, because winning boosts their ego. It’s just in them.

For a man to lose a competition, it’s both demoralizing and shameful.

But for a man to lose a competition even when he could win, and for a man to deliberately lose this competition, it means he’s willing to let go of his ego, be demoralized and shamed, because he thinks that he can lose the competition, his pride and his ego, but he can’t lose you.

And think about it: if he’s willing to lose so many arguments (or in some rare cases, all arguments) with you, he is so afraid to lose you that he’ll do anything, even if it’s unfair to him, just so that he won’t lose you.


So, if you have such a man, you’ve a keeper.

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