If your boyfriend loves you that much, he’ll dare to do these 10 things


Last Updated on 2017-05-11 , 8:21 pm

Guys, would you cry in front of your girlfriends, or run to 7-Eleven and buy pads for them when they are having cramps? Girls, how many things below have your boyfriends done for you?

Men might think that they are macho and all, but there are some things that they will never do unless they truly love you that much. See if you have done the below, or if your boyfriend has done these, good for you!

He will praise you in front of his buddies.

He is not scared of looking like a hen-pecked boyfriend. He knows that a real man will admit his feelings in front of other people, and he is not afraid to let his bros know that his girlfriend is awesome.

He will meet your friends with you.

Some guys might shy away at the thought of spending a few hours with a group of girls, but not him. He doesn’t mind sitting through all of your gossips as long as you are happy.

He will cry in front of you.

Real men are not people without any weaknesses, but they are men who are willing to show their weaknesses. If he breaks down in front of you, he really trusts you and depends on you for support.

He will let you meet up with other guys alone.

If he really loves you, he will trust that you know the right things to do or avoid. He doesn’t restrict you from hanging out with any of your friends.


He will make promises.

He will dare to make promises because he is confident of keeping them. He doesn’t make empty promises either because he really wants to give you the stars on a platter.

He will share his deepest secrets with you.

Whether it is his secret fear of cockroaches or the fact that he hates his boss to the core, you can be sure that a guy who loves you will be willing to tell you everything.

He will turn up at your house without warning.

He will not hesitate to visit your house. After all, he treats your family like his own. If you or a family member is sick, he is not afraid of appearing at your doorstep in a jiffy and showing concern.

He will buy pads for you.

Buying pads don’t make you any less of a man since we all know that you are not the one using them anyway. In fact, we applaud boyfriends who are willing to go the extra mile for their girlfriends!

He will answer questions about his past.

He is not afraid of answering questions about his previous relationships or the setbacks he has faced. After all, he has you now, and he knows that it’s enough.

He will talk about BTO and kids with you.

He doesn’t shy away from talking about the future because he feels that both of you are going to be together even then. This shows how much he loves you and believes in your relationship.

He will propose to you.

Finally, a boyfriend who loves you will not always remain your boyfriend. He will want to become your husband eventually, and then, a father to your kids.

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