If your girlfriend does these 10 things to you, she’s a wife-material girlfriend


Last Updated on 2017-05-13 , 2:55 pm

Maybe you’re in a new relationship, or maybe you’ve been with a girl for a long period. Most of the time, people date so that they’ll eventually get hitched; so, during the dating period, how do you know whether she will be a good wife? Well, if she does these ten things to you, you can start planning for a proposal soon.

She’s thoughtful to you
So, you need to work late one night even when you’ve promised a date with your girlfriend, and your office is located in a 鸟不生蛋 area, so you would definitely have to skip dinner. But she turned up in your office with a homemade meal and told you to concentrate on your work.

She wants to know everything about you
So that she can help you whenever you’ve a problem. She’s not interested in letting you handle your problem yourself—your problem is her problem.

She’s willing to be gross in front of you
If a girl is unwilling to show you the gross side of her, like digging her nose or farting, then she most likely is just showing you the best side of her. You might just get a culture shock when you’re married and see the worst side of her.

She’s independent
Imagine a girl who is already possessive before marriage. You’ll have married a tube of glue.

She’s your biggest fan
Whatever you do, she supports you. If your first fan is always her, your wife should be her, too.


She’s honest to you for your future
If she sees something that isn’t good, she’ll sound out instead of just staying quiet for fear of making you angry. That’s because she thinks of the future—just like what a good wife would do.

She shares your vision and values
Your future is decided by your values, and if she shares the same values, you can be sure a married life won’t lead to a divorce.

She’s good at managing money
Well, that might sound pretty bad, but she’ll most likely be managing your finances when you get married. If she’s good before marriage, she’s better after marriage!

She’s responsible towards you with her actions
Whatever she says, she does. If that isn’t good enough, I don’t know what is.

She loves you unconditionally and obsessively
You’ll have to decide on whether she does or not, and if she does, that sort of sums up everything—everything else above is learnable, but this is completely up to her emotions. With this, she can learn to be a good wife!

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