If your girlfriend does these 8 annoying things to you, she loves you a lot


Last Updated on 2017-05-10 , 12:41 pm

Ah, girlfriends. Understanding them is like understanding how human beings come into existence—it’s so chim, the only way to partially (I emphasise, partially only) understand them is through their actions that might not make sense, but convey a lot of message.

So how do we know whether a girlfriend loves us? Check out whether she does any of these eight annoying things—or if she does all of them.

She throws tantrum at the slightest thing
Even if you didn’t shave, be prepared for an hour of scolding from her. The truth is, she’s not interested in whether you shave or not—she just want you to console her.

She wants your time—always
Maybe sometimes, it’s a little unreasonable, but she just wants to spend time with you. Better than wanting to spend your money, right?

She is indecisive, but only when with you
Because she sees a future with you, in which both of you would make decisions together, she’s now being indecisive to determine whether you can take charge lest she can’t. And if you’re not, you’re usually single for a long period of time.

She becomes either a 小女孩or a fierce mother only when with you
She just wants to be doted, but when needed, she will dote on you. It’s just part of being a woman, and a woman’s instinct: to be taken care of as a daughter and to take care of others like a mother.


She says the wickedest and cruellest things to you
Because she’s being honest with you—without honesty, you won’t change. It might not sound good, but it’s for your own good.

She is paranoid about everything and anything
If she’s not, she won’t have cared. It’s normal to be a little paranoid—excessive paranoia isn’t healthy, though.

She wants you to perform to the best of your capability
You might be wondering—why is she such a busybody about your career and your finance? Simply put, she expects to spend the rest of her life with you; in other words, you’re in her future, and of course she just wants a good future.

She nags and nags and nags…
Your mother nags and nags and nags as well. Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer is similar: she cares for you and wants the best for you.

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