If your guy does these 5 things when you’re having your period, marry him now

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Being a woman means you can’t run away with periods. Being an attached woman means you can’t run away from the unhelpful boyfriend. More often than not, when a guy does sweet things for you on your period, the thought of marrying him will flash across your mind.

Because that simply means he’s ready to accept you for his whole life (or maybe not), but you’re definitely falling for his actions.

He gets you the right pads/tampons
In the first place, many guys still find it disturbing or embarrassing to buy pads/tampons so if he’s willing to do it, it’s already a good thing. It’s just a plus point if he happens to remember that brand you usually use and is most comfortable with.

He gets you sweets
Without you prompting, he already has the hot chocolate, brownies and chips ready for you to binge on. And he eats with you while you’re lying on the sofa watching a show.

He doesn’t avoid you
Let’s be honest here, some guys do avoid their girlfriend when they are in their first 2 days of their periods so they don’t have to deal with the PMS and all. But a boyfriend who texts you constantly on your period and asking about how you feel doesn’t ask you to go out but visits you and keep you company is the man to keep.

He keeps your stomach area warm
Being rubbing your tummy, giving you hugs and cuddles or just tossing you a warm towel. If he’s even sweet and sensitive enough to know that it helps, it means that he really cares about you.

He helps you out with the chores
He knows that gravity is a bitch and even standing on both your feet can make you struggle. While you’re taking your nap, he gets your laundry done, washes your dishes and even cooks for you. If that’s not husband material, tell me what is.

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