Ignore The Myth: Dark Is Classic For Homes

We always think that the number one rule in interior design is to avoid dark colours for our home as it makes small home seemed smaller, and dark colours cause a gloomy effect. Now, toss that rule out of the window.

Dark colours when planned and used strategically, can create a gorgeous and expressive statement and mood. Take a leaf from our selection of 8 homes with successfully stunning uses of the darker palette.

Dark colours evoke a sense of mystery

1. Take a leaf from this cool home that’s perhaps inspired from a bachelor pad. The special dark colour palette that comprises of greys and blacks keeps the house looking artistic, chill and complements the bright contemporary art pieces. Your bros will definitely be impressed!

Interior designer: Edge Interior
Location: Serangoon (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $49,000

Chill out at home

2. The old, boring white walls have made way for chic black feature walls paired with different textures like brick and raw woodgrain for a truly unique and interesting design and texture in this home designed by Fuse Concept. The end result is a classic, stylish and modern home.

Interior designer: Fuse Concept
Location: Anchorvale Link (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $30,000

3. If you always feel reluctant to leave after a relaxing holiday at a resort or after a break at a spa, then this home by Habit will definitely please you. Darker colours are paired with creamy shades and soft warm lightings, creating a classic and stunning home with a soothing, relaxing atmosphere.

Interior designer: Habit
Location: The Peak @ Toa Payoh (DBSS)
Cost of renovation: $68,000

4. Rich brown wood finishings paired with a dark shade creates a mood of intimacy and cosiness in this eclectic home designed by DreamCreations. Cuddle up to your loved one in front of the TV and spend a tranquil and serene night together in this classic and warm home.


Interior designer: DreamCreations Interior
Location: Pasir Ris (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $40,000

An air of sophistication

5. White and neutral shades are most commonly associated with Scandinavian homes, and we always think that it’s a must to pull off the put-together, clean and sharp look. But this home proves otherwise, with dark woodgrains and colours managing a sharp look and making it bold and modern.


Interior designer: Project File
Location: The Peak @ Toa Payoh (DBSS)
Cost of renovation: $35,000

6. Grand, opulent, and classy—what is there not to like about the style in this home? Forget the old passé myth that black is a no-no for the home. When accented with gold trimmings, frames, luxe curtains and ample lightings, it makes for such a luxurious home that you will want to show off.


Interior designer: AC Vision Design
Location: Yishun (HDB)
Cost of renovation: $35,000

For the timeless look

7. Keep it looking sleek, modern and sophisticated like this home designed by Studio JP. Sharp dark colours are used in combination with geometric shapes and lines created by the silhouette of furniture, doorways and window frames to create an overall understated gorgeous effect.

Architect: Studio JP
Location: Spanish Village (condo)
Cost of renovation: $91,000

8. Despite what other designers might say, black never goes out of style as evident in this chic, classy and modern home. Easy to maintain unlike lighter shades, and still looking neat, clean and bright thanks to abundance of light fixtures, this is for the busy high-flying family.


Interior designer: Lu+C
Location: Siglap Avenue (landed)
Cost of renovation: $400,000

Does dark colours work for you? If not, try bright and airy home interiors.

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