Illegal parking like a boss regularly? In 2015, you’ll have to change your habit


Last Updated on 2016-05-30 , 9:36 am

To most drivers, we remember the “P-plate” period—365 days of careful driving, honking by others and +60 seconds for parking. We constantly wait for the probationary period to be over so that at least we won’t be a target for seasoned drivers who like to bully newbies.

And now, seasoned drivers are going to experience that “P-plate” period, too.

Starting from this year, if you receive a second offence for illegal parking, your second offence’s composition fee (or we usually just call it the “summon”) will be higher.  Here are the rate cards:

illegal parking 1

illegal parking 2

But to be honest, the increase is only about 45%, and let’s face it: some drivers set aside some spare funds to pay fines every month. That is going to deter some drivers, but maybe not enough.


And here comes the more “powderful” one: CCTVs at locations that cars like to park illegally. Now, that’s the ticket to smoother, and safer, roads. I’ve come across some of the roads during peak hours and applaud the authorities for making this decision, because sometimes, these illegally parked cars really pose a danger. Here are the roads!

illegal parking 3

Rate cards source: Channel NewsAsia

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