International Media Talked About McD Nasi Lemak Burger, Revealed Reason for Discontinuation


So, everyone is talking about McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger.

From the taste to the long queues to the sudden discontinuation, the burger has been receiving wide media coverage, albeit locally, since it’s a local dish.

Well, you’re wrong. It’s also receiving some coverage overseas, and no, it’s not Malaysia media.

It’s CNBC, a US news media owned by NBC, with a reach of well over 90 million household in the US solely on its TV arm.

In an article on, it’s revealed that the burger is one of the most successful promotions in recent years, and that it doubled McDonald’s expectations.

Which could be the reason why it’s sold out in record time.


And it’s not surprising since we’re talking about Nasi Lemak and McDonald’s, yo.

But what might make you, a Singaporean, hot (火啊!) is the long (and cute) battle between Singaporean foodies and Malaysian foodies being given a winner.

In the article. Nasi Lemak is being described as Malaysia’s “national fare”.

Well, at least according to Wikipedia, it is known to be Malaysia’s national dish.


But let’s face it: your foodie friend would disagree, depending on whether he or she is a Singaporean or a Malaysian.

In the meantime, a check on McDonald’s Facebook Page shows that Nasi Lemak burger has disappeared quietly.

RIP, Nasi Lemak Burger. You…won’t be missed.

* Then again, Malaysia’s Merdeka Day, which is their National Day, is on 31 August 2017. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see Nasi Lemak burger across the causeway?

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