Is Whey Protein Powder Or Chicken Breasts A Cheaper Post Workout Supplement?

Head to the gym today and you’ll find gym-goers with their post-workout supplements in those shaker bottles. Among them, a group of gym-goers prefers theirsupplement all natural as they down those home-prepared chicken breast.

As a frequent visitor to the gym in the past (don’t laugh!), Whey protein shakes were my preferred choice.

TL;DR – The Cheaper Post Workout Supplement

  • Based on a study conducted, one does not need more than 25g of protein after a workout.
  • Hence, one serving of Whey Protein is sufficient for after a workout.
  • Each serving of Whey Protein cost S$0.97.
  • Other alternative for whey protein includes eggs, milk, chicken breast, fish. Of which, chicken breast is a cheaper alternative to Whey Protein.

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For maximum convenience, ordering my post-workout supplement online and getting it delivered to me seems like the best option.

With this, below are the prices for my preferred Whey Protein Brand, the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard (5 Lbs)

From which, we can derive that:

How much post-workout protein do you really need?

According to a study involving 48 men,

  • Each man is given protein immediately after a strength workout.
  • In one trial, the men were given 20g of whey protein.
  • In a separate second trial, they consume 40g of whey protein.
  • Scientist then measure their muscle’s ability to grow at an increased rate (a result of whey protein intake)

Results of the test shows that

  • One does not need more than 25g of protein.
  • The effect of downing a 50g protein shake will be the same as that of a 25g protein shake.
  • Which means, one serving of protein shake is sufficient for your workout session.

Comparing the cost of protein shake vs protein from food

We hear you. Gym membership itself may cost a bomb to some Singaporeans.

An additional cost of a post-workout supplement may discourage Singaporeans from working out. Hence, we are all for keeping the cost as low as possible.

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Some of the alternative includes:

With this, the cheaper alternatives to obtain the same amount of protein from whey protein powder is egg white and chicken breast.

Both of which at S$1.13 and S$0.84 respectively for 24g of protein.

Cons of Natural High-Protein Food As Post Workout Supplement

Of course, at a cheaper price, there are definitely cons to it.

  • Do take note that in the above example, we speak for the usual average size working adult. For professional bodybuilders or athletes, the above example might not be applicable.
  • Cooking of food requires ingredients which might add on to the cost.
  • Preparing of food requires time and effort which is an intangible cost compared to the convenience of whey protein powder.

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