Is Your HDB Door Facing the Main Road? Then You Need to Do Something


In feng shui theology, the main door of your house is one of the most important things you have to get right, or you’ll find your time staying in your new home hell. Literally.

It’s said that if you do it right, you’ll accumulate yang energy and achieve tremendous success in your life. But if you do it wrongly, this could happen to you too…

So, one of our writers is getting a home soon, and he was researching on the net about fengshui and all that when he came across this story. And it’s pretty scary to imagine that happening to you too.

The story goes that there’s a house whose main door is facing the main road. In this story, the “main road” refers to the lift and staircases, the paths which people usually walk.

Well, it’s believed that on the paths that humans walk, our brothers and sisters walk as well and if your door is right in their path, that’s where they’re going to go. So, there’s this couple who moved into their new home.

A new home means a blissful paradise where they can enjoy their 二人世界, right? Wrong.

Everything went to hell the moment they settled into their new abode. The husband found himself living in perpetual hell while his wife practically had her whole life destroyed. The wife was lowly educated and she doesn’t really understand English, but one day, out of the blue, things started turning weird.

The husband came home to find his wife dancing the cha-cha and listening to English oldies. She could also understand English, albeit old-fashioned English only and while she looked like his wife, that’s all that’s left. Her mannerisms, speech and behaviour have totally changed.


Naturally, the family was concerned and seek help from a Taoist temple. Three mediums allegedly came up to the house and did a ritual, at first trying to persuade the spirit to stop possessing the poor woman, and when it didn’t work, scolded it and attempted to chase it off.

Nothing came out of the ritual, and the woman was going in and out of Institute of Mental Health, being treated like a mental patient. We don’t know what became of this poor woman in the end. Who knows, she might still be entering and leaving the mental institute while her husband is still trying to find a way to exorcise the spirit.

It’s advised by fengshui master that if your house’s main door faces the “main road”, it’s best to have a bagua mirror hanging above the doorway, or some plants on both sides of the door. It might sound silly but honestly, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

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