Jeanette Aw bagged many awards in Star Awards 2015 (红星大奖). But the true winner is…

Anyone still remembers Star Awards (红星大奖)? You know, the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes that requires viewers to call a number to vote for your idol? The Christopher Lee apron dress? Or the only programme that reminds us that Ann Kok is still sexy after so many years?

Yes, that红星大奖.

So. During the last two Sundays, there were two Star Awards, and the spotlight was on Jeanette Aw: having bagged seven awards including the prestigious All time Favourite Artiste(when one has won too many Top 10 Most Popular Artistes. It has been so many years, you know?). Some of us were looking for any revealing dresses or weird clothing from any artiste, while, well, some were genuinely waiting to see who wins what.

And of course, some were waiting for something eventful. And we did have one: Jeanette Aw fell down (but don’t worry, she’s not seriously injured). Here’s a recap for those who have only a few minutes to spare:


But…honestly speaking, we found another clip, and that is the only clip that captures our attention. And let’s face it: in this Internet-age when people watch more YouTube videos than TV, this is what we want to see:

Unbelievable, indeed. YouTube is on Star Awards 2015. The real winner is still Chan Tianwen.

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