Jover Chew is back–with a shorter hair and a temper


The only reason why I’m so obsessed with the Jover Chew saga is that Star Trek: Enterprise ended in 2005 and I need another nice drama with great plot twists, realistic characters and amazing plots to enjoy.

If you haven’t followed the Jover Chew saga, move out of your cave and Google. Just when you think Jover Chew will be missing in action, he came back stronger.

The Internet has proven again and again that if you do something wrong even without breaking the law and it goes viral, the steps to be taken are these: apologize and go MIA. Just ask Anton Casey: he ridiculed Singaporeans online and apologized immediately before fleeing to Australia. The world won’t forgive, and you’ll be faced with two consequences: your personal details will be everywhere and you’ll lose your job.

But what if you don’t follow the steps?

Apparently, Jover Chew didn’t. In the latest update, it was revealed that he has cut his hair (I just felt that, that’s VERY important as well). He went back to his shop AGAIN and guess what? Instead of asking Anton Casey what to do, he threatened the reporters. Like a boss, man. In fact, he even wanted to smash the reporter’s smartphone.

After that, they played Stomp: they took pictures of each other. I mean, the reporter is going to get a promotion for snapping an image of Jover Chew, like how Peter Parker earns from taking images of Spider-man, but what is the benefit of taking an image of the reporter? To show that a phone with a $900 warranty can take better images? So is it all merely a publicity stunt?

Well, we now know one thing: the saga hasn’t ended. It’s just the beginning. Jover Chew is back.

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