Jover Chew spotted after three weeks and more questions arise

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Like an episode of LOST, every new development in the Jover Chew case leads to more questions. I just hope the ending will not be as disappointing as LOST.

In case you’ve yet to read the latest development and have focused on the shop Mobile Air instead of Jover Chew, here are some updates so far:

  • When the video of the Vietnamese tourist begging went viral, Jover Chew disappeared
  • He was spotted in Resort World Sentosa’s casino for three days straight, but there is no evidence as no photograph could be taken in the casino
  • According to mainstream media, he exhibited the traits of a typical gambler: getting frustrated when he lost
  • His shop was apparently “sold” to another fellow who provided false information to the media
  • The shop was raided and the new owner disappeared as well

With such an interesting cliffhanger, it’s no wonder that reporters stayed in Sim Lim Square just to get the latest update while Singaporeans searched in Netflix for the latest episode in vain.

And guess what? Just when you thought that Jover Chew has fled to Australia, the new owner has become a scapegoat and the story would end, another plot twist occurred: it has all been a wild-goose chase.

Jover Chew was spotted going back to Mobile Air to move things (whether assets or inventories) out from Mobile Air. Unfortunately, reporters were no longer there and therefore we could only get partial information (just like LOST).

It appears that he, together with a Chinese national, took some bulky items like a TV and a PlayStation 4. According to neighbours, the Chinese national looks unfamiliar.

A few questions then arise:

  • If Jover Chew can convince so many people to pay $900 for a piece of worthless paper, why can’t he spend $90 to engage someone to move these things out? I’m sure as a boss, he knows basic delegation skills
  • Shop, according to the new owner, has been sold. If Jover Chew takes these items, isn’t that theft? Only the director of a private limited has the rights to make operating decisions—shareholders (if he is still one) just vote for major decisions.
  • How does the neighbour know it’s a Chinese national? It’s difficult to differentiate a Chinese national and a Chinese Singaporean unless that person speaks (due to the different accent). According to the neighbours, they did the packing with the shutters down
  • [IMPORTANT]Did Jover Chew win or lose in the casino?

You know, I think one big cup of popcorn isn’t enough for this saga.

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