Jover Chew’s Mobile Air Raided by 8 plain clothes officers


Following the Jover Chew case (Mobile Air) is like watching the latest episode of LOST: the plot thickens every few days.

Just a recap if you’ve not been watching this “TV drama”:

1. Jover Chew scammed some people in Sim Lim Square
2. His acts were caught on video and got viral
3. Netizens got angry and exposed his identity
4. Jover Chew went into hiding
5. Someone supposedly took over (an ex-employee) and changed the name of the shop, but this new “business” is not registered (I can vouch that you don’t need so many days to register a business)
6. Netizens found out it might not be the case, and then, this happened:


If you can’t watch the video, it merely shows people taking stuff out of the shop.

It’s now time to set a Google Alert for the latest news. Who needs Korean drama when we have it right here in Singapore?

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