LADIES: 10 tricks to look good AND feel good on a hot Day (which is every day lah)


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:36 pm

1. Slow down on the makeup.
Hot weather makes us all sweat, and sweat melts makeup. Ladies, we CAN look good without heaps of makeup on – if you really insist, keep it simple with just some eyeliner. Not only does melted makeup feel incredibly uncomfortable, it also means you’ll have to clean it up.

2. Use deodorant or light perfume.
Some heavy perfumes react terribly with sweat, so go for deodorant or light perfume: deodorant for casual days, light perfume if there’s something special on. While you don’t want to stink, you don’t want to overcloud everyone’s senses with heavy perfume. Have you ever walked into a perfume area at a shopping mall and just…felt terrible with ALL those scents invading you at once? Yeah, don’t do that to others.

3. Keep your hairstyle practical.
If you have very long hair, keeping it tied up in a high, chic ponytail works wonders for improving ventilation – not to mention it can look quite tidy as well (Ariana Grande clearly loves rocking the ponytail look!). If you have long bangs, pin them up nicely as sweat can gather on your forehead and cause acne otherwise. Want to look extra special? Try a little braiding, a bun, or even a half-ponytail (with the other half of your hair untied). Find your own style – it’s your own hair, after all, and some styles might work better for you than others. Most importantly, you DON’T want your hair hanging around in a messy, sweaty pile on a hot day.

4. Accessorize.
You can be wearing some of your oldest clothes and still look like a goddess if you accessorize wisely. It can be something simple like a dainty necklace, or some bangles. My personal favourite are rings – I normally have a few on each hand. Accessories give your outfit style and fill out the empty “gaps” on your body: necklaces, for example, help occupy the too-empty space between your chin and the place where your shirt’s neckline meets. If you’re wearing cheap slippers/sandals, you can wear cute anklets instead. Flaunt yo’ style, bby!

5. If you’re feeling energetic, then…why not choose some bright colours?
It’s the weekend, you’re off work, anddddd you’re going out with a couple of friends for lunch. Instead of dressing up in formal-looking colours like grey/black/white like how you always do, why not stray out a little and try something new? Colours look young AND they make you feel young. A little pastel shades never did anyone any harm. If you’re feeling bold, do fluorescents. I personally love rocking fluorescents to class in the NZ summer just ‘cuz I can.

6. Keep your clothing light.
Make sure what you’re wearing isn’t suffocating you. Hoodies may look cool to wear in class, but don’t forget you’ll be braving the heat when it’s over…


7. Have you tried wearing caps?
They’re funky, trendy, and help keep the sun’s rays away. You can pair them up with ripped jeans and the oldest t-shirt you have AND look like you’re on your way to punk rock city.

8. Have a practical handbag.
And by that, I mean having a handbag that’s at least big enough to hold a bottle of water. Little purses look classy but c’mon, what do these tiny things even hold? If you’re going to be sweating buckets, you’re going to need the fluids to keep yourself hydrated!

9. Wear shoes that you can actually walk in.
If a good ol’ pair of Converse isn’t really your thing, then stay to sandals or flats. If you’re a working lady, then keep it to simple, basic heels that won’t have you tripping or stumbling. Reaaaally high heels may look good, but it’s honestly not worth the effort. Plus, there’s the embarrassment when you trip and actually twist your ankle.

10. Don’t overdo it.
And by that, I mean that there’s no need to try really hard or take your outfit choices too seriously. Honestly, you probably look good the way you are!


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