Ladies: 6 ways to wear heels without pain


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I am petite girl of 152cm and I am way past my puberty but I still want to grow taller (maybe just look taller). And I am truthfully grateful to that male who invented the beloved saviour of women although he just wanted to ride a horse. However, there are always cons to the pros and wearing heels can sometimes feel like hell (especially if you have sweaty feet). BRUISED FEET, BLOODY BLISTERS, ARCHED FEET, DEAD SKIN AND PAIN PAINPAIN. Fret not, my queens and princesses, read on and never cry over wearing heels again.

1. Always always buy a fitting pair
What else do I have to convince about buying shoes of your own size? Just note that heels are not sneakers, sandals or slippers. You can never make the worst mistake of buying a size up or down just because it’s your favourite and it’s the last pair available. Find yourself regretting attending an event when all looks fabulous from head to … definitely not your toes!!! Don’t risk walking like a penguin all night or multiply the chances of foot injury.

2. Don’t be stingy, invest in shoe inserts
Yes, drugstores sell gel cushions and silicone pads that prevent blisters. Be more willing to part with your dollars in exchange for a long comfortable relationship with your heels. At the very least, get them for your daily pair or favourite. Strut out in confidence ladies.

3. Don’t only judge heels by its height
3-inch? Or 5? 7? Is that all that really matters? Of course heels are for height but the better benefit is that it provides you a better looking silhouette (that we call the S-shape body). What matters is that the heels give you a good body proportion when you wear it. Also look out for whether they are stilettos, platforms or wedges. They cause different levels of pain. If you can tolerate it, feel free to run in stilettos. Learn to give up on impossible 7-inches and search for the best pair of 3-inch that looks like your extended legs when you have it on.

4. Learn to walk properly first
I know you are not babies but this is a really crucial point I’m trying to make. You MUST walk with heels down first, then have the ball of your feet touching the ground. With toes down first, it is really easy to lose balance and your heels will hurt when they land. When both toes and heels land together, your entire feet will feel sore by the end of the day and you will find yourself clearing out heels the next day.

5. Take care of your feet
Just like make-up looks nicer on good skin, high heels fit on better on smooth feet. Get rid of dead skin, put medication on your blisters and do leg masks. Physics proves that smoother feet prevents friction, thus lessens your chances of getting blisters. Put some Vaseline on blister-prone areas and baby powder on your soles to soak up sweat so you won’t slip. Give your feet daily massages at the start/end of the day. Relaxed feet make sure that the pain does not accumulate when you wear heels again.


6. Just don’t wear them
Fine, this is an unreasonable request. Just remember to alternate between heels and flats. Always have an extra pair of flats somewhere in case of emergencies and let your feet rest at least once a week.

That’s all, princesses! Get going with your tea parties now.

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