LADIES : 7 Unattractive Things You Should STOP Doing Now

Actually, some things on this list apply to men as well.

Not knowing how to do simple things for yourself.
Aka being dumb. It’s okay to not be the master of all trades, but if you’re in your twenties (dare I even say – thirties?) and still have no idea how to do simple things like frying an egg, posting your own mail, doing your own laundry, etc– then you should probably learn how to do so. You don’t have to learn how to be a sophisticated tradesmen and figure out how to fix your car with your bare hands (although that would be pretty cool), but you NEED to learn some basic life survival skills. In other words, be independent.

Being whiny and unnecessarily bitchy about everything.
Thanks to the proliferation of social media, it’s so much easier to whine and complain about everything that happens in life. This includes things like the weather, the girls next to you, the girls living with you, the boy who didn’t text you back, your parents, your car, your lack of technological armaments, etc, etc, etc. And with that comes along about being whiny about YOURSELF. Come on – we’re young, and most of us are actually living in decent conditions. Being whiny isn’t “cute”, it’s annoying and tiring to listen to. You know what’s cool? Being in university, having an education, having a job, having fun traveling, etc. You know what’s NOT cool? Bitching about it.


Being a party animal day and night.
Being smashed may be fun, but it’s not exactly the most attractive thing ever. It’s especially unattractive when you’re in the bathroom, puking your guts out. Getting blackout wasted isn’t attractive and may even make you act foolishly, leading to more embarrassments you never want to recall when you’re in a job interview.

Being self-centred and self-absorbed.
Be the kind of friend you would want to have. Take some time out to listen to your friends, and they’ll be willing to listen to you if need be. Have a conversation, not mindless angry rants. Don’t stash your friends away and only use them to air your frustrations on when it suits you.

Revolving life around guys.
Not everything is about the cute guy you see in class – sometimes it’s good to have a conversation with your friends that doesn’t involve romance-y stuff. Don’t end up ditching all of your friends just because you have a new crush, for example.

Forcing themselves to be someone they’re not.
A lot of ladies force themselves to be the ‘cool’girl in the squad, but that tends to be counterproductive. If it’s something you’re forcing on yourself, it’s going to be pretty apparent soon enough. It’s not cute; nor is it cool – people want to hang with someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. It’s the same for ladies who try to be ‘sexy’, or try to purposefully flirt with guys in hopes that said guys will notice them.

Going just for the money, or for the looks.
Get rid of the pre-conceived notions that a guy who has a career, lots of money, and who is handsome is necessarily THAT guy you MUST have in your life. There are plenty of other men out there who are worth getting to know.