Ladies: These are the 6 moments that you shouldn’t wear contact lenses, if not…

We get it, spectacles are the most irritating things ever and that contact lens are probably the best invention ever. Now, we get to have perfect vision without all the inconvenience  and hassle of spectacles.  However, before you embrace this invention, take a read about when you should avoid using contact lenses. Of course, you can disregard our sincere advice and carry on–at your own risk!

Riding a motorbike
When you ride a bike, the fast-flowing air can dry your eyes out very quickly. If you’re lucky, it simply makes your contact lens drop out and you’ll probably have a hard time riding. Or it can harden your lenses and damage your cornea, causing itchiness, pain and discomfort, or even inflammation. Also, dust and dirt are also more likely to get into your eyes when you ride a motorbike.

When you’re having a cold
A cold is usually accompanied by inflamed sinus and watery swollen eyes. Contact lenses can further irritate the eyes and make your flu even more unbearable. So when you’re sick at home, wear spectacles. You don’t really look good when you’re sick anyway.

Taking a plane
The condition on a plane is undoubtedly less than comfortable in most cases. The air is dry, the pressure is always fluctuating, etc. and all these can cause severe eye discomfort. And the worst thing you can do in this case is to rub your eyes, with your partially hardened lenses inside. So next time, take out your lenses before boarding your plane!

Pregnant women
Due to hormonal changes, many changes can happen in a pregnant woman’s body. Symptoms such as water retention and inflammation are just some examples. Pregnant women are more likely to feel discomfort due to lens wear and are at higher risk of sustaining eye damage. To make matters worse, there are many medication for treatment that are not suitable for pregnant women. So, if you’re pregnant, it’s better to avoid contact lenses.

This is a no-brainer. Water is dirty. Dirty water gets into eye when you swim. Dirty stuff stays in your eye due to lenses. Eye explodes. Or not, but it gets infected and might cause serious eye damage, even blindness if you’re not careful.

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