LADIES: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Date a “Nice Guy”


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Before we all go gung-ho on our views on this, it is quite necessary to realize that the “nice guy” is NOT the “weak guy”. Clearly, stereotyping “nice” guys as being “weak” is a horrific mistake as both words have very different meanings (check the dictionary if you still doubt yourself). Ladies, here are 5 reasons why you should date the “nice guy”:

1. The nice guy doesn’t treat you like a piece of shit.
You want the bad playboy to spice up your life a little? Sure, be my guest, but don’t go crying to your girlfriends after he does something that spells J-e-r-k (with a capital J just ‘cause). The nice guy is a gentleman. He treats you with utmost respect, affection, and does not degrade your efforts. The nice guy doesn’t hang out with multiple ladies hanging off his arms because he will focus on the lady he wants to get – which would be you, FYI, just in case you’ve forgotten. Think he’s boring? Well, at least he knows how to treat you right.

2. The nice guy doesn’t have to play a stupid game.
The nice guy doesn’t have an emotional, heart-wrenching, back-story/drama that will arouse the mystery of innocent women out there. If you think you can change the bad boy (because ladies – our motherly instincts always tell us to), then please give up. You can’t change the spots of a poisonous mushroom but if you try to ingest it in hopes that you will survive, then good luck as you’ll most likely die from the poison. A bad boy IS poison. Do yourself a favour and don’t get tangled up in the drama.

3. The nice guy will respect your friends, your family – anyone who is important to you.
He WILL help them, stand up for them, carry their groceries, punch anyone who dares hurt them, etc. The nice guy has a heart of gold and can put forward his pride and virtue like some friggin’ justice warrior, and you’ll appreciate him for it because deep inside he’s a good man who cares. Unfortunately, many girls too easily dismiss this trait nowadays as being “too nice”. Woman up, people, and give men a break. If they’re not caring, we accuse them of having the sensitivity of a block of stone – and if they’re caring, we accuse them for being too nice? Learn to accept what’s good in your nice guy and thank him! If he’s being kind to you and you accuse him of being too nice, then you are kind of an ass. No offence.

4. The nice guy will take his time to know you.
Nope, he’s not jumping into bed with you on the first date – and guess why? It’s because he RESPECTS you and is trying to get to know you more BEFORE he proceeds on to seriously court you. Ladies, we forget sometimes that being in a relationship isn’t just about having a boyfriend. It’s about having a boyfriend who also CAN be your best friend.

5. The nice guy is NOT the “weak guy”.
Since when has “nice” been equated with “weak”? Is genuine respect such an outdated thing that even the simplest acts of chivalry are considered to be unmanly and weak? By the way, here is the harsh truth: men who play around ARE the weak ones. They’re the ones who can’t make up their mind whether to court a girl or to let her go; they’re the ones who toy with hearts and lack the determination to focus on a single person. Which would you rather have? It’s up to you. But let me just say, I’ve been dating a “nice guy” for more than a year. Trust me, I know.



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