Ladies, what you choose will reveal how you’ll treat your husband in the future

If you were Cinderella, and you have to leave an item for your prince to find you again, what would you choose? Did you know that the item you choose will reveal how good, or how bad, you’ll treat your husband in the future? Try this fun test out and look at what kind of wife you’ll be.

Guys, show this to your lady and see what your future marriage will be like!

wife 1

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How you control your husband1

You’re the typical wife we see nowadays. He won’t know what you’re thinking, even after being married to you for decades. All he can do is to listen and obey whatever you say, and you tend to be the dominant and hot-tempered one in the relationship. If your boyfriend knows your true nature, or is naturally submissive to you, the marriage will be a happy one. For you, for him, maybe.

Diamond Ring

How you control your husband2

If you choose to leave the ring, it’s an invisible bond. You pretend to be a great wife in public to give the illusion of a great marriage but in private, things are pretty different. You’re able to manipulate him successfully, and don’t really pay too much attention to him when it’s just the two of you. It’ll be a great marriage. For you.

Crystal Shoe

How you control your husband3

You’re the traditional kind of lady that every man dreams of marrying. You put 100% attention onto your hubby and enjoy him being the one who guides and lead in the relationship. You’re perfectly fine with being the typical housewife in the household. After all, that’s why you have a hubby for, right?

Cell Phone


How you control your husband4

You believe in democracy, or at least as much democracy as you can get between two people. Whatever you want, you’ll give it to him straight. And whenever a decision has to be made, you make sure the decision made is agreed upon by the both of you. Amazing relationship with awesome dynamics, any guy lucky enough to get you have better treasure you, or he’ll lose you and regret forever.


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