Let a company collect and send you your NS FBO before and after reservist…outside your camp!


Every new couple in Singapore who are moving into their new house would have this argument before:

Wife: “Put your army things inside the storeroom.”

Husband: “No! What if I am mobilized tomorrow? I need it to be in the bedroom.”

Wife: *fuming* “Then tonight you sleep with your army things.”

Now, the solution is here: it’s called Spaceship. And before we introduce their service like they’ve paid us to do so (FYI, they did not: It’s just too bloody good an idea not to share with others), here’s a typical night of an NSman who is going for his reservist the next day:

He packs his army barang barang that comprises a large bag, a vest that you can store six packs of food and magazines, three sets of uniform (including two pairs of hard-like-shit boots) and a large-ass helmet. He usually realizes at least six items are missing: from smaller items like an earplug to large item like the helmet. He couldn’t sleep the entire night because he has to wash some of the stuff that still have some mud on it. His wife scolds him for dirtying the house.

The day before reservist training has never been good.

In comes Spaceship.


Before the day of your reservist, you have a good dinner with your family. Then you go to sleep earlier, and on the next day, take the bus to your camp in your “FML” T-shirt and Bermudas. Someone outside the camp will then pass you your barang barang. You transform from a civilian to a soldier literally outside the camp.

I don’t know about you, but it sure sounds like a good deal.

And to top it all up: it’s free (kind of).

SAFRA members get the first six months for free, and the first delivery of the barang barang is free. You will need to pay after that, but let’s face it: if you factor in the cost of taxi rides and the time saved, it’s just so worth it.

Now, like what the website (here) says, “Army stuff collecting dust? We’ll pick up, store & return them for FREE!”

(Update on 17 March 2015: The free promotion is no longer valid, but the service is still available. This is the latest URL: http://www.spaceship.com.sg/kaki )

Ingenious indeed.

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