Live in Jurong? Get free unlimited data by joining MyRepublic Trial!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Remember MyRepublic, the Singapore company set to provide unlimited data plan should they get the licence to operate as the fourth telecom in Singapore?

They’re really serious about it, because you can now try out their unlimited data plan.

In order to garner support and feedback, they have announced a plan to select 1,000 participants to use their data plan, a 4G unlimited data connection, in a select area that is covered by a new (and presumably better) network called HetNet—which Wikipedia describes as “the use of multiple types of access nodes in a wireless network”. We can’t find any specific area except that it is in Jurong Lake District, which is from Jurong East MRT to Lakeside MRT.

In other words, the trial of unlimited data connection can only be used in these areas. The participants would have to test the connection in these areas, and in the words of their website, use your “mobile device to make calls or surf the web for period of time.”

There’s nothing to lose, right? And everything to gain—haven’t we all dreamt of watching an entire movie in a park with our 4G connection? Here’s the chance!

To join the trial, simply go to


And anyway, just for your info, for those who are not interested in the trial, there’s one sentence mentioned in their website that will definitely interest you: “An unlimited data plan will definitely be one of our offerings, as well as plans with much greater data caps such as 10GB monthly or more.”

You’ve just won our heart, MyRepublic.

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