Locations of new speed cameras in Singapore revealed

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In the last few months, drivers in Singapore must have always been confused when they were in PIE: there’s a speed camera near the exit to BKE, and there’s another near Eng Neo exit? They’re, like, only a few minutes away.

That camera in SLE (Seletar Expressway)—is it already operational? How about that camera at Upper Thomson—is there a blue warning signage?

So, which camera is working? If you find yourself asking this question, then the solution might be to just stay within the speed limit. After all, yesterday (29 January 2015), the Traffic Police has just announced the locations of their 20 new digital speed cameras.

Some of us (or maybe all drivers) have memorized exactly where each speed camera is. Since it doesn’t matter whether to a driver whether it’s a digital camera or an old camera, below is a list of five new locations with a camera (some of us have seen them, but cannot confirm whether they’re working):

Seletar Expressway  (both directions)
Upper Thomson Road (both directions)
Yishun Avenue 1 (towards Lentor Avenue)
Loyang Avenue (towards Tampines Avenue 7)
Pan Island Expressway (both directions—unknown whether the old camera is near BKE still working, or there’s another camera)

Infographic from SPF:

So, let’s work to the best solution: stay within the speed limit and we won’t care even if a speed camera is mounted on our vehicle.

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