Long-Haired F4: Interesting Facts about Them Now

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Do you remember F4? They were made formed in 2001 as a result of the successful Meteor Garden (流星花園), a Taiwanese drama series adapted from the Japanese shōjo manga series Hana Yori Dango.

They made headlines a more than a decade ago and had fans in many countries, but what happened to them now? Read on to find out 4 facts about them after their heyday.

They are no longer officially known as F4.
On 29 Apr 2007, Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai announced that they will no longer be known as F4 due to copyright issues. Initially, Japanese publisher Shueisha who owned the copyright allowed them to use F4 back in 2001, but because Japan has filmed and aired its own live action adaptation of the manga series with its own cast of 4, they were afraid that there may be confusion over the name in different countries.

Instead, their group name was changed to JVKV, using the first initial of each member’s name. The position of the initials were arranged according to birth dates from oldest to youngest, hence Vanness Wu’s initial was placed in front of Vic Chou’s, according to the producer.

But here’s what I think, no matter what they change their group name to, I will still remember them as F4, the rich and spoilt kids in meteor garden.

Vanness Wu
Remember the long-haired effeminate dude Vanness? He is a singer and gained popularity due to his great figure. In 2011, he has worked with international musicians like Bruno Mars and Ryan Teddy in the album “C’est La V”. He appeared in Autumn’s Concierto in 2009, one of Taiwan’s top-rating drama and has designed his own jewelry with his own line 3.V.O.7.

In 2013, he married a Singaporean, Arissa Cheo. However, he reportedly did not have a happy marriage with her and although this could not be verified, it was said that Cheo repeatedly asked for a divorce from Wu.

Ken Chu
Other than releasing a solo album, “On Ken’s Time” with his tracks nominated for the Top 10 Gold Songs in Hong Kong, he has also released a cookbook Delicious Relations (美味關係) in 2006. He has starred in the television series Hero (2012), and films Sky of Love (2003) and Tokyo Trial (2006).

Vic Chou
He may not have gotten the girl in the drama, but he got it in real life when he dated Barbie Hsu for a few years. While it did not work out, he has gotten pretty successful nonetheless. He was the first member to release a solo album and was acclaimed for his roles on TV series. At the 44th Golden Bell Awards, he was named Best Leading Actor for Black and White and Best Actor in Home. He was also GQ Asia’s Men of the Year in 2013. In the same year, he was also involved in a scandal when his girlfriend, a fellow actress Reen Yu was suspected to be pregnant. The rumors were of course, denied by both of their managers.

Jerry Yan
Known as the leader of F4, his two solo albums “Jerry for You” and “Freedom” hit the charts and was named 9th best-selling album in Taiwan in 2009 and Top 10 Selling Mandarin Albums of the Year in 2004. He was one of the international endorsers for Bench and the most recent development I could find about him was that he was busy filming Lupin 3.

Well, I just couldn’t resist putting this in. F4 were glorious in their heyday, but unfortunately they are not as popular now. So another fact about F4: it is now a button on the keyboard.

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