Mac users: Download Office for free officially from Microsoft now!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:34 pm

Mac users, rejoice: Microsoft is currently offering a free preview of their latest Office software for all Mac users.

While it’s not permanent (it will not be usable when it is officially launched in the second half of 2015), it sure proves to the world that Microsoft and Apple have decided to shake hands and be friends (maybe because Google is coming in too fast and furious?). The previous Office for Mac 2011 (not the subscription-based Office 365) was released in 2011, and Mac users aren’t too happy to some extent.

But now, they’ve every reason to be. This Office for Mac 2015 (tentatively named) promises a design specifically for Mac, leveraging on the powerful display and therefore having amazing cosmetic improvement to Office for Mac 2011.

Mac users would need to have Mac OS X Yosemite installed in their computer. They can download the preview from Microsoft’s website here.

There is no need for an Office 365 subscription. And of course, if you’re a student or educator, do check out whether you’re entitled to a free Office 365 subscription (this is permanent!) here.

What are you waiting for? It takes up 3GB of your hard disk, but other than that, you should have it in your Mac now!


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