McDonald’s has a new takeaway carrier that will blow your mind away. Check it out!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:35 pm

Sometimes, all it takes is an extremely simple idea that will make you go, “Why haven’t we thought of that for years!?”

Firstly, before anything, let us just add a disclaimer: we’ve absolutely no idea why McDonald’s takeaway has to use a paper bag instead of a regular NTUC FairPrice carrier. Environmentally friendly? Cool? Cost-efficient? Whatever it is, it sure now makes sense.

The new carrier not now only serves to bring your food from one place to another, but acts as a tray as well. Known as the BagTray, the bottom part of the paper bag is a cardboard with the shape of a tray—tear a strip of paper above the tray and you’ll have it just like how you have it when you dine in.

Confused? Just look at the video and go, “What an ingenious idea!”

Developed by McDonald’s Hungary and ad agency DDB Budapest, it is still now being in trial in Hungary, so it’s not available anywhere yet. But we’re very certain that soon, this will be in Singapore and Malaysia.


Just don’t eat when you’re driving.

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