MEN: 5 ways to impress a lady on a date (written by a lady!)


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

Ask questions about her.
We all know how irritating it can be to have that one kind of friend who does nothing but talk about themselves without asking about you, right? The same principle applies on a first date as well. Sure, dating is all about getting to know each other better – but instead of handing your life story out on a 30 minute rant, ask questions about her. It indicates your interest in her and she’ll be flattered. She will, after that, naturally ask questions about you too (in which you can then shine). In other words, share the spotlight equally.

Be well-groomed.
There’s no need to splash on heaps of cologne and wear the fanciest shirt you have for your first date – just be well-groomed and neat. Honestly, that’s enough to impress your lady enough for your first date. Brush your teeth and shave if you have straggly strands poking out everywhere. Ladies aren’t super particular and we grow less particular about this as time goes on, but if it’s your first date then making a good impression won’t hurt, right? Right.

Ignore your phone…just for a while.
If you’re a frequent texter/Whatsapp-er, then you’re gonna have to put down your phone just a while – especially if you’re on your first date with a lady you’re interested in. Texting every two minutes may indicate that you’re not really focusing on the date, which is kind of a no-no. You want to show your lady that you’re focused on her; that she’s having your undivided attention. Of course, it’s okay if you use your phone sometimes while you’re on a date – provided she does the same thing, too.

Compliment her…
…but make sure it’s sincere and doesn’t make you look like a creep. The trick is to be a little original without being too overly yuck or cringe-worthy – for example, a simple compliment like “you look nice today” works way better than “you look hot in that dress”. The former sounds like a genuine praise (you’re acknowledging the effort she has put into for dressing up AND in the same simple sentence told her how great she looks), the latter denotes your…er…sexual interest in her body. Also, If you find out things about her then you genuinely respect about, then let your admiration be known. Little praises like “wow, that’s really admirable/hardworking of you” can go a long way!

Ask her for opinion/advice.
There’s nothing that makes a woman feel more included than this. It doesn’t matter whether it’s something about your job, your degree, or trying to set your other friend up with someone else. Of course, you DON’T want to come off as being clueless/dumb– you simply want her to know that you value/respect her opinion. What question you ask of her also matters – it’s always better to avoid super serious questions (like politics or religion) on the first date, for example. However, opinion questions like “do you think this is a good way for me to approach X problem in this way?” allows her to provide input. Who knows, she may give you some really good advice too.

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