MEN: The 10 Dos and Don’ts When Your Girlfriend is on Her Period


Last Updated on 2021-06-12 , 3:11 pm

Wondering what to do when your girlfriend is on her period?

When your normally rational girlfriend evolves to an angry Pokémon once a month when her period arrives, your natural caveman instinct will (understandably) tell you to run, flee, and to save yourselves from the impending hell that’s soon to befall you.

You might be tempted to isolate yourself and to wait it out while her cycle sorts itself out, but…do you really want to take that undignified path of running and hiding?

Do the honourable thing. She’s your girlfriend, your partner, the lady you chose – and there are ways to help her out (without sacrificing your hide in the process).


1. Provide psychological comfort – she will lap all the attention you provide greedily.

Since we’re the ones experiencing the pain, there’s not much you can really do. That doesn’t mean you can’t ease her mind and provide the love and reassurance she’ll be wanting, though. Simple things like telling her how beautiful she is and how much you love her will make her feel happy and loved. It also shows that you care, you know?

2. Attend to her cravings. She will thank you for it.

When ladies get their monthly visits, there’s a whole lot of hormonal changes going around. She’s going to get her ups and downs, and her cravings will range from healthy to plain weird. I personally crave decent Asian food in the sleepy little Kiwi town where I’m at, along with extra desserts and chocolate (soooo original) – thankfully, my boyfriend (bless his soul) knows just how to use it on me when I’m in the mood to kill someone.

List of Accusations Made Against the 2 Ministers Who Rented Colonial Houses at Ridout Road:

Back to the point: your girlfriend may crave for ANYTHING from chips, Western food, and mint chocolate to heat packs and the urge to re-watch Frozen while she’s on her period. My wise advice?Give it to her, and bloody hell –don’t ask questions.

3. Be patient and understanding.

Patience is a virtue – a damn good one, to be honest, especially at times like these. Even if you hate her periods, you can trust that she hates them just as much as well. If you’re hot-tempered, now would be a bad time to let it show.

Trust me, if you yell at her she WILL batter you back with twice the force and make you wish you’ve never lived on earth. Just be as nice as you can – it will all be over in a week (until the next cycle rides over again).

4. Keep her occupied with some activities to take her mind away from her discomfort.

Probably not sports since she’s bleeding, bloating, and experiencing a certain degree of pain (do realize that it’s not comfortable to hike a mountain or go to the gym when you have a leaky faucet down under).


However, some other activities like watching a nice movie or a delicious meal would take her attention away from her period. Personal advice: unless she’s a fan of horror or sad, tear-jerking movies, try to avoid making her watch those. Something light-hearted or amusing would do the trick.

DON’Ts: (this section is to save your life, yeah)

5. Ask questions like “are you PMS-ing? Lol”.

Don’t, unless you want to die young.

6. Don’t express how grossed out you are over her period.

Even if you are grossed out about bleeding and all that whatnot, DON’T say it in front of her face. She doesn’t like the idea of bleeding out of her vagina anymore than you do, but that’s how life is AND bleed through the vagina she must. Saying things like “ewww” or “yuck, blood” might get an angry, furious girlfriend on your hands. She won’t hesitate to point out 10 other things she finds gross about you.

7. Play too many pranks or jokes on her.

I don’t care if that’s how your relationship was founded, but ladies are prone to be more emotional and vulnerable during their period. Even if you’re trying to joke around to cheer her up, be careful if the joke is one of a personal nature. She WILL take it seriously, analyse it with a set of fine callipers, and promptly burst into tears. I’m not asking you to stop all your jokes altogether, especially if you’re one of those couples who love teasing each other – just…just be careful, alright?

8. Don’t debate about serious issues.

I love couples who debate about serious issues – it’s a healthy way to get to know someone and it can foster closeness between two people. Probably just not a good idea to do it when she’s on her period as she could be easily riled up. There are other things you guys can talk about, so save the healthy debates for later when her cycle’s over. This one’s kindaa it-can-go-either-way thing, you can disregard it if you wish.

9. Don’t force her to socialize.

Everyone has their down days – there must be days where YOU don’t feel like talking to people much, either. It’s okay if you want to take her out to meet all of your friends, just be considerate about it.

10. Don’t make rude comments about her bodily functions.

They aren’t funny…period.

NOTE: This isn’t a comprehensive list. In other occasions, you should employ common sense, bravery, and street-smarts to achieve your mission.

So, there you have it. Now, you know what to do when your girlfriend is on her period.

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