Microsoft has just announced FREE Microsoft Office (latest version) for students and educators!


Well, to cut the story short, about two weeks ago, students and teachers in New York get to download and use Microsoft Office 356 as Microsoft commits itself to “improve education outcomes and helping young people around the world do more and achieve more.”

And just yesterday, this is offered worldwide.

In case you’re still using Microsoft Office that comes with a CD, here’s something about Office 356 that might be new to you: it is a program that you download and pay a monthly fee for using it. Many programs like Adobe Photoshop are also using this subscription-based system instead of a one-time purchase.

This offer by Microsoft appears to be a free subscription forever. It comes with these:
– Microsoft Word
– Microsoft Excel
– Microsoft PowerPoint
– Microsoft OneNote
– Microsoft Access
– Microsoft Publisher
– Install to up to five computers and five devices (phone or tablet)
– 1 TB of cloud storage (in OneDrive)
– Office online

However, this is only valid for certain schools.  The last we know, most public universities in Singapore are eligible. Do leave your comment so that we’ll know what schools in Singapore and Malaysia are eligible at this moment!

To  check whether your school is eligible:




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