Monday Blues? Let some Ah Boys to Men stars take your blues away with this video

If you’re a working adult, you hate one day: it’s called Monday.

A typical Monday morning will comprise jams that you expected but hope every week that they’ll clear up one day, tasks that pile up on your table and 100+ emails that you wish you’d have cleared on Friday.

Relax. We were having the blues too until we receive an email from the director of this YouTube video. Let some of the boys from Ah Boys to Men put a smile on your face. Because the best way to counter Monday blues is this: Everyone, including that boss in your office, hates it. So you’re not alone.

Just play this in your office and cheer everyone up. If not, just watch it in the toilet. Oh, come on—don’t deny that you don’t use your phone when you’re shitting.

Sometimes, we really wonder: these productions from YouTube seem to be much more expensive and elaborate than those on TV. Could we see the demise of TV within one or two years? Or…one or two months?

Jaze Phua

Irwin Fua

Jerry Lim

Maxi Lim

Noah Yap

Charlie Goh

Do you have a friend who’s always smiling? Watch this video and you’ll know why he or she is always so happy: