Mouth burning after some spicy food? Here are 5 ways to feel better

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Mouth burning with pain from eating too much hot sauce? Don’t reach for the glass of cold water—it will only make things feel worse.

1. Milk
The fattier, the better. Drink a whole glass of it. The protein casein found in diary products help break up the capsaicin that causes the burning sensation. Yogurt, ice cream, sour cream and cheese can help too. Good excuse for another scoop of ice-cream, eh?

2. Lime/Lemon
Cut up a slice and put in directly on your tongue. The acidic properties found in these fruits help to neutralise the capsaicin. Other citrus fruits like oranges and yuzu can be a good substitute.

3. Honey
Simply place a good spoonful of this delicious and creamy mixture into your mouth and coat your tongue. Take another spoonful if needed.

4. Gargle your mouth with warm water
And quickly spit out to dilute and remove the spices that coat your tongue. Some people swear by it, I am not too sure, just give it a try

5. Brave It Out
Honestly, its just something spicy. Can you not be such a baby? The burning sensation will eventually die down. Just close your eyes and bite your teeth. Cry if you must, its cleansing for your eyes anyway.

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