M’sia’s myBurgerLab Took a Shot at McD’s Nasi Lemak Burger With Its Own Version


Unless you have been living under the rock, chances are high that you would have heard of the Nasi Lemak burger.

You would probably have even eaten it already, since it’s so well-received upon release that it sold out in mere two weeks!

Guess what? A burger joint in Malaysia has decided to take McDonald’s Singapore on, and is all set to release its very own version of it.

Dubbed the Nasi Lemak rendang burger, it’s set to roll out in Malaysia sometime next week.

They even posted about it on Twitter, with an image of a delicious-looking burger presented with the Malaysian Flag as a backdrop.

“Dear Singapore, nice try, but…” could be read on the bottom left of the picture.

A clear signal for war from the brave burger joint, and one that might well give McDonald’s Singapore a run for their money!

Image: myBurgerLab Twitter Page

Mmmm… it does look good (with ikan bilis)!

In an interview with Channels NewsAsia, myBurgerLab listed reasons for the release of its new burger.

Firstly, it’s in commemoration of their own National Day, which falls on 31 August.

Secondly, they have been receiving requests from Malaysians to create such a burger, because McDonald’s Malaysia did not offer the Nasi Lemak burger.


The interesting thing here’s that myBurgerLab conceived the reciple three years ago, and just did not release it at the time because they felt that it wasn’t marketable. Who would eat a Nasi Lemak burger when there’s real, authentic Nasi Lemak, they thought.

Well times sure have changed!

For interested parties that are keen to try out the new burger, they can head down to the four different outlets across Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya!

But would they also be sold out soon? Meh.

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Featured Image: myBurgerLab Twitter Page

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