Must-Go For Couples: Experience Cathay Movies In Cathay Cinema Platinum Suite

Sometimes, you just want to do something differently. For example, I want to watch a Cathay movie, but instead of booking a normal ticket, I decided to get myself something a little special. And that was exactly how my experience with Cathay Cinema’s Platinum Suite started – I, a self-confessed movie junkie, wanted to watch a movie in a different way.

It wasn’t like I was feeling rich; I just wanted a new Cathay movie experience.

And boy did I get it.

My New Cathay Movie Experience

My experience started when I “checked-in” at the Platinum counter. The staff verified my ticket and ushered me to the waiting lounge with a smile. Inside, another staff took over and escorted me to my seat.

This place was posh and minimalist, with clean and sleek designs. The lounge offers a variety of food, and of course at a premier price. They have both local and Asian fares, and some really fancy desserts. I had Churros and they were heavenly.

Oh, just a point to note here – you cannot buy the snacks and food they sell to other non-platinum patrons and bring it in with you. You can only buy the food at the platinum lounge. I was quite disappointed because I really wanted to buy their slushie which was only available outside. But, the caramel popcorn they sold at this place pretty much made up for it.

As I made my way into the theatre, I realised that each row is made of only six large sofa-like chairs, in pairs. So if you are planning to come here with friends, not really the best of ideas. Now back to the chairs. Two large chairs are placed side by side with a table in-between. It’s very similar to a First Class plane sitting, just bigger and darker. The chair is really very comfortable. And there are a few buttons on the side that you can play with to recline and extend your chair, it’s really quite fun. Before the movie started, I was given a complimentary blanket that was so soft and silky to get comfortable in.

The food and drinks that I ordered arrived shortly and was placed on the table next to me. This table has a small lamp that can be kept on throughout the movie if you want. There is also a call button for you to press, should you want to order more food or need any assistance.

The movie began, and I have never felt so ready and at ease to truly enjoy a Cathay movie before.

Prices per ticket for Platinum Movie Suites are $18 (Mon-Thu), $28 (Fri & Sun, inclusive of eve of PH & PH) and $38 (Sat). Students and senior citizens’ prices are $16 for 2 tickets (Mon-Thu for screenings before 6pm). Offer is valid for walk-in purchase for current day bookings, limited to 4 tickets per customer. Please call Cathay or visit their website for more updated information.

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