Must-Do Useful Tips And Tricks For Selling In Carousell

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Are you among those who buy stuff on impulse but end up not using it? Why not clear up your space by selling them on Carousell?

Carousell? Hah! What or where is that?? Have you not heard of Carousell before?

Carousell is a free app. It’s easy to use and one of the best ways to buy and sell stuff from your mobile phone.

There are over 8 million listings, with millions of items successfully transacted. It only takes you 30 seconds to create a listing of an item you want to sell. As simple as that!

Not keen on selling? This is also a platform where you could shop a massive marketplace from wherever you are, whenever.

It is one of the largest and fastest-growing mobile-first person-to-person marketplaces, and the No.1 Lifestyle and Shopping app in Singapore that makes selling as simple as taking a photo. Popular items include fashion, beauty products, and lifestyle gadgets.

Carousell allows private chats when dealing called the ‘Chat to buy’ feature.

When you found something that you like and wish to make a purchase, simply tap the “Chat to Buy” button to make an offer, from there you could start chatting with the seller. This feature allows you to chat privately and make deals without having to give your contact number or email address.

Basic selling tips:


The pictures that you snap, make sure it turns out great and eye-catching. NO NO for blur pictures or pictures of an item that is taken at a far distance.

Product specification & description

Having a detailed product specification & description is very important. Firstly, it will be a hassle-free deal if someone wants to buy your item. He/she will not have to go through the hassle of asking you when you already stated it in the product description.

Secondly, when someone decides to ‘chat to buy’, it means a potential customer and not just someone asking some questions on product specification, hence the possibility of closing a deal is higher.


Sell at a reasonable price. If everyone is selling a similar item at a specific price, sell around the same price. + – a few dollars different will we good.

Never sell items overpriced, especially when there are other sellers selling the same thing. For example, a shirt of the same design/brand/quality others are selling at an average of $20, and you sell it for $39.

Always keep that in mind, because no matter how good your picture looks or how detailed is your product description, the possibility of someone buying is close to ZERO if your price is rocket high.

Carousell is a place where people source out for a cheaper deal than what is in a physical store. If yours cost as much as those in stores, they might as well buy it from the store itself.

But if the item you are selling is something rare, unique handmade items that only you are selling, it would be a different thing. You may set the pricing.

Tips if you are selling clothes.

Clothes are the most common thing sold on Carousell. We all have clothes that we buy on impulse and ended up not using or we do have clothes we’ve worn it once and didn’t like it.


Among all the clothes that are listed, make yours outstanding and most eye-catching. It would be best if you have a picture with a model wearing those clothes you are selling. That will help to sell more effectively.

But if you just want to take a picture of it hanging from the clothes hanger, here are some tips.

Before taking the picture, iron the clothes. Trust me, ironed clothes are sure to be more attractive than those crumpled ones.

When taking a picture of the particular clothes, try not to take a picture of the clothes with hangers.

Avoid using bright colored hangers like red, yellow or blue because they distract potential buyers from the clothes, use a black, white or wooden hanger instead.

Do not hang it outside a cupboard, wardrobe, or hang it somewhere that exposes all the messy background because the background will become the main attention when it should be the clothes instead.


Look for a plain surface. The wall would make a good background, for example.

Other tips:

Other than those tips mentioned above, try to make all your products in stock. Percentage of potential buyer buying from another seller is higher if another seller has the item in stock whereas your item has 1-3 weeks waiting time order. Some people don’t mind paying extra when they need the item urgently.

Some people don’t mind paying extra when they need the item urgently. Having a product in stock also ensures the quality of the stocks.

Always have the habit to reply fast and communicate in a good language, just be friendly. Never know that you might make a new friend. When buying, make quick payments, at least pay within the time limit given.

Give positive feedback for your positive experience, he/she will also return the kind gesture to you. More positive feedbacks you accommodate, it means you will have more customers coming in.


That feedback attracts buyers from choosing to buy from you compared to other sellers as it shows it is much reliable to make deals with you.

When buying an item, those with more positive feedback will be prioritised because people just feel safe dealing with you.

Buy/Sell at your own risk to those who have negative feedbacks because this kind of person usually goes missing and is simply just wasting your time. When buying an item, never make too low an offer than the price stated. It gives the impression that you are not too keen and just trying your luck on buying.

Some buyers will just ignore you. When mailing an item, make sure it is properly wrapped. Most sellers mail out their items using poly mailers. Creative ways are leaving handwritten notes for your buyer to add a personal touch to it.

Something to useful to note:

Is your inbox piling up with chats? You don’t know what to do with it? Archive those chats by swiping left. Archived chats are kept in a separate folder called “Archived Chats” that can be accessed anytime by tapping on the top right-hand corner of your screen. You can restore those archived chats to your inbox by either swiping left again (for iOS) or press and hold on a chat (for Android).


Dear Carousell users:

Please, do not place unnecessary tags. Eg, you are selling an LV bag, but your description is as following: Authentic LV wallet Item is preloved condition 9/10.

Item listed is NOT Burberry, Gucci, YSL, MichaelKors, miumiu, Hermes, Prada, Dior, and Chanel.

Please do not place the unnecessary tags (in bold). I know that it will attract more people to buy when they accidentally see your listing when they are going through another product list. It can get irritating.

It looks as if items are not categorised well. Please do not make ridiculous offers, then go missing (MIA) after offering a deal.

Please do not waste other people’s time if you are not serious about making a deal.


Please be careful and don’t let yourself kena conn-ed, eg buying an item that is said to be authentic when it isn’t.

‘Carousell from hell’

Here is a compiled list for you to read of funny ‘Carousell from hell’ experiences here: Take it as a lesson not to fall into the ‘Carousell from hell’ user or just read and laugh out loud!


If you have yet to download the Carousell app, download it for free on google play store or Apple app store via these link: Android: ios:

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