What you need to know about the “new” Singtel

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Unless you live in a cave, you’ll have heard of Singtel and have used their service before. And unless you live in another bigger cave, you’ll know that when you call Singtel, you’ll have to press buttons again and again until you hear this: “All our customer service officers are busy at the moment. Please wait while…”

Well, with more people living outside caves now, Singtel has now looked at a massive rebrand and revamp that will, hopefully, make the nickname “Stinktel” a part of their history.

The first and most tangible thing they’ve done is to change their logo. According to the CEO, the revamp, which comprises both better customer service and the new logo, is to have “things simpler, faster, and delivered by people and companies that truly care and listen to them.”

So, other than the new logo (which, well, let’s face it: we don’t really care much), what are the improvements that come with the revamp?

Appointments in a Singtel Shop can be made online
You know, like collecting passport from ICA? Yeah.

Make an appointment for Customer Service Officer to call you back
The “all our customer service officers are busy at the moment” can now be replaced with “when would you like us to call you?” Just call 1688 to make an appointment

Waiting time is improved
From two-hour wait to thirty-minute wait when you’re at home waiting for the technician to hook up your connection.

More training for their staff
To be blunt, who cares? It could be mere lip service.

But…amidst all this, Singtel does show that they’re serious by providing something that Singaporeans love the most: FREEBIES every Thursday for a month. Here are the freebies for Singtel customers:

22 January 2015
Free local calls for the entire day for postpaid mobile customers.

29 January 2015
Free SMSes for the entire day for postpaid mobile customers (no one cares).

5 February 2015
Free 30-day preview of new SingtelTV channels for Singtel TV subscribers (no one has TV).

12 February 2015
Free Facebook access for the entire day for prepaid mobile users

19 February 2015
Free data for the entire day for postpaid mobile customers (now, we’re talking!)

FYI: Postpaid customers are customers who have signed a two-year plan and pay every month

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