Neon noodles just gave every other noodles a middle finger

Yes, the noodles are literally neon coloured! Because regular noodles are too mainstream, so one Japanese scientist decided to take on the task of making NEON- coloured noodles. It is well known that Japan produces quite a number of weird stuff, ranging from disturbing game shows to bizarre food, but this just takes the cake!

Apparently, the creator of this neon-coloured noodle, Kurare Raku, posted a photo of this colourful creation, which made noodle-lovers worldwide lose their shit. Here’s the photo if you do not believe me:





However, despite its colourful appearance, well, it taste just like any other normal udon noodle. And I was expecting a whole new taste. Talk about disappointment.

Anyways, he refused to reveal how he actually managed to work the colours into the noodles it appears to involve colouring the noodles with a special dye, and then shining what appears to be ultraviolet light onto them in order to produce the special effect since UV normally causes things to glow.

Now, you might wonder why he did it. Well, apparently, in anticipation of the up and coming Unbelievable Science Festival held in Oaska, this was his entry and Mr Kurare hoped that this could gain worldwide recognition.

Well, looks like Mr Kurare got his wish because it became viral worldwide with mixed reactions towards this colourful creation. Some netizens praised its creativity and vivid colours while others felt like it resembled a colourful piece of crap. Personally, I kind of like the colour because after all, this is the first of its kind. But I don’t think I will be willing to try it. There are some things which are nice to look at but horrible to the taste and this could very well be one of them, but I can’t really give you any review since I have not tried it yet.

So all in all, if you are feeling very emo and need something to cheer you up, this bowl of neon noodles might just make you puke neon-coloured rainbows of awesomeness!


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