New owner of Mobile Air has three names. Or maybe it is Jover Chew all along?

Previously, on The Wrath of Mobile Air, a group of plain clothes officers have seized the assets of HJ Mobile (previously known as Mobile Air). As the rest of the world watches the drama unfold, the police have refused to disclose any information, for it might compromise investigation.

And now, a brand new episode of The Wrath of Mobile Air emerges, promising more questions than answers.

Speculations have surfaced in coffee shops all over Singapore, with uncles smoking rolled cigarettes making this bold statement: “I’m sure Jover Chew is still connected to HJ Mobile. It’s merely a sham.” People don’t believe them, for uncles should use Singlish instead of standard English.

SMRT Ltd (Feedback), the ever reliable source of information, then provided more details—that Ricky Lee’s real name is Edmund Lim, and that Jover Chew is still connected to HJ Mobile. People are then inclined to believe SMRT Ltd (Feedback), because, well, their information seems to be always accurate.

But these are all mere speculations.

On a cool afternoon, which is abnormal in Singapore that comprises only three seasons (summer, summer and summer), new information is revealed once again by the mainstream media: the “new owner” of Air Mobile is apparently in debt. In addition, he has provided false information to the media; his name is apparently Edmund Lim and not Ricky Lee. So SMRT Ltd (Feedback) is proven right again.

But one more even interesting thing: he has another name, and it’s Wilfred.

So, what exactly is going on? How can someone who is in debt take over a business? Why does a person need to have three names? Why is the shop’s assets seized?

Maybe, maybe Jover Chew is Ricky Lee, Edmund Lim and Wilfred, after all. He went hiding, but he could have been in Korea—and came back as a new person altogether after a very successful plastic surgery.

Channel 8 drama has never been so exciting. Wait, you mean this is in the news and is not a drama?

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