No complaints in Sim Lim Square in 2015 could be attributed to something else more challenging

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If there’s one good thing about Jover Chew’s viral story, it would be this: in the whole of 2015 so far, there has been no complaint, compared to a total of 14 complaints in mere October 2014 alone. This could have attributed to measures made by the mall to improve the retailers’ service, but most of us will know that since the mall is under scrutiny by both the authorities and the Internet police, errant retailers might have toned down or even completely changed their business tactics altogether to prevent another “Jover Chew”.

We might have forgotten about Jover Chew and his errant business system just three months ago, but the damage has been done. With this news of a no-complaint, could it really mean that all retailers in Sim Lim Square are now practicing fair trading? Six months later, Jover Chew will fade from our memories when new sensational news fill up our news outlets. By then, would the errant buinsessmen revert to what they have used to do?

But then again, it could have been another bigger issue altogether. Maybe the $1,000 insurance for a phone still exists.

One cannot deny that “no complaint” could mean that the number of customers have drastically decreased—and if you know basic maths, you’ll know that the “no complaint” news could also imply that there are less customers. After all, 1,000 customers having 10 complaints and 100 customers having 0 complaint still mean that nothing has changed altogether.

So, maybe what has changed is the consumers’ behavour instead?

In other words, it might not entirely correct to interpret the news that there have been fewer complaints so service has been better. We need more time to know whether we can still shop in SLS—and by then, we might have bought our gadgets from Qoo10 or Amazon.

OTRO is closing, and this time, it’s confirmed. Here’s what you need to know:

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