NUS Orientation Fiasco: Leaked Videos Show What Exactly Goes on During Activities

If you haven’t read the recent news on the NUS Orientation Fiasco, you can view it here. I have already commented my fair share regarding this incident, so I shall say no more.

In a recent article from All Singapore Stuff, a leaked video was published with showed what exactly when on in one of the NUS Camps. The video showed two four guys grabbing onto all four limbs of a girl and repeatedly dunking her into a pond filled with green algae. In the video, the girl did not have any means to cover her face as all four limbs were held up by the four guys.

In NUS Camps, freshies will have to go through various kinds of forfeits as forms of “punishments”. However, campers have also been advised not to video these forfeits and if need be, not to post them up on any social media platforms.

From what I heard from a current student in NUS who had previously gone through such a camp, the freshmen were instructed by camp leaders “not to record these activities on camera” or if they wanted to do so, “do not post on social media”

In the same video, there was also a footage showing a group of guys crawling on the floor, with cheers littered with expletives that concerned that of the male anatomy.

This has angered many members of the community, who have stepped out to comment on the issue.





In light of the recent saga, the NUS management has commented that they will be investigating the issue by positioning NUS Staffs in all the camps throughout the campus. Violations by any student will be handled with strong disciplinary actions.

With all these videos of these orientation camps resurfacing, it does pose a discussion on the activities that take place during these camps, and the purpose that these games serve.

Ultimately, it still boils down to whether the school is finally taking action against these orientation activities. From what I remember, there have already been ongoing discussions about these offensive and degrading orientation games for years, and the situation seems to be just getting from bad to worse.

Netizens, what say you?

Top Image: All Singapore Stuff

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