Odds of Winning this Friday’s $12M Hong Bao Draw is 1 in 14 Million

Do you know that maths can explain everything?

From science to languages, there is always a mathematical logic to everything.

And maths, too, can determine whether you can win this year’s Hong Bao Draw and be $12 million richer.

Here’s how to SURE-WIN

You see, the odds of winning, if you select six digits between 1 and 49, is 1 in 14 million.

So that means if you buy ALL the 14 million combinations, you’ll surely win.

But here’s the problem: an ordinary bet costs $1. So you need to spend $14 million to win $12 million. And the prize money might be shared among a few people, so that means…

I can’t resist doing some research on this, and here’re what the experts have said.

In a 2016 TNP article, a statistician from NUS, Prof Chua Tin Chiu, has this to say: “Essentially, the only way to ensure you win is to buy all possible 14 million combinations…If I knew a strategy that would really let me win, I would be a professional gambler and not a professor.”

Pretty sure he’s one prof that have a full house in all his lectures.

Odds of winning Toto vs Odds of Other Events

Think you can win Toto? Then you should also worry about dying tomorrow.

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The odds of dying from a fall from a bed is 1 is to 2 million, which is seven times more likely than you striking Toto.

And the odds of being injured while in the toilet is 1 out of 10,000, which is 1,400 times more likely than you striking Toto.

If you haven’t fallen into the toilet bowl before, what makes you think you can win the $12 million this Friday?

It’s all fun

The takeaway from this is simple: treat this Friday as just any Friday.

Just don’t go sign an agreement to buy a Lamborghini because you think you’re lucky this year, because you’re more likely to have your head struck in the toilet bowl than to strike Toto.

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