Once you know this trick, you can travel around in JB cheaply without a car


Last Updated on 2016-11-25 , 12:15 pm

Looking to go for a day trip in JB? Have no car? First time? And you’re worried that you might get a little lost taking buses and all? Well, here’s what you can do.

An up-and-coming popular choice of travelling these days is of course, by Uber. Uber does provide a good service of sending you to your destination and transport is easily available. Not only can relax in the car ride, you get a pretty decent service all the way till you destination.

However, there’s also a downside to Uber services. While it may not be a very common phenomenon, Uber users occasionally experience situations where prices are marked up on the spot or that they receive a bill of a huge expense without knowing why. As Uber prices are not pre-determined and the estimated price usually ranges, it is uncertain how much a trip can cost in the end. When the fare turns out to be marked up, you will not enjoy your trip after all.

The other alternative is a much cheaper and guaranteed way of travelling. After crossing the checkpoint and arriving at JB Sentral, take the escalator down to the groundfloor of the checkpoint. You will see a taxi counter.

Tell the person at the counter the destination you wish to go, for example, the name of a mall and the person will check for you an available taxi as well as the taxi fare you have to pay. What is good about this service is that a close distance can cost as low as RM10. Furthermore, you pay for the trip on the spot, right before you move off.

The taxi driver will then safely bring you to your destination and is unable to therefore mark up prices after that.


No car? No worries. Try out the cabbing services next time for a more convenient trip.

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