Part-timer in the past and now

Strawberry generation—it refers to a select group of people, usually born in the 80s to 90s in a wealthy family, who cannot take hardship and expect the world to help them. It’s a small group, but any hiring manager will tell you that they’re encountering more strawberries who promised to attend work but went “AWOL”.

There’re no studies or statistics to prove their claims, but it could be that people tend to remember what makes them angry. After all, part time jobs for students usually are done by people in the strawberry generation. But honestly speaking, is there a difference between part-time workers in the past and currently? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Long ago, the usual going rate for part time jobs in Singapore was about $4 to $7, and people would usually just take whatever job that came to them first because they needed the pay urgently. Now, the rate is at least $8—if not, they’ll continue to look for one, and if they can’t find one, so be it. They’ve an ATM called parents.


Ways to find jobs
In the 1990s, a student would have to pore over newspapers, make calls or go to shopping malls to knock on doors just for a part-time job. A “yes” would make them jump in joy and accept the job immediately. Now? They’ll Google this: part time jobs Singapore.  They’ll apply for all results on the first page, and when they receive a call from a company, they wonder which job it is, and go “meh” when they realize the pay is that low (when in the first place, they should have at least looked at how much the company can offer). #truestory

Job scope
Part-timers used to be cashier, servers or even dishwashers. Now, if you go to any restaurant or supermarket, the number of students working part-time can be counted with one hand. Nowadays, students seldom get their hands dirty—and why should theirs be dirty when they work? They want office work. They want to do something simple with high pay After all, they have more choices nowadays: you just need to go online and take a look at free classified ads. Every few minutes, someone out there is looking for a part-timer. Every few minutes—that’s a lot of jobs out there!