A phone so strong, it can break your balls—walnuts, we mean. Sorry.


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:50 pm

Have you heard of Oppo? No, not “oppa”, the respectful way for a female to address an elder male in Korean. We’re referring to Oppo—the brand that you might have seen somewhere in some shopping centre, but can’t really remember what the heck it is.

Well, before anything, let’s look at their latest phone that can, literally, break your nuts.


Apparently, Oppo in China is like Samsung in Korea—they have many products, but with smartphones taking the world by storm, it’s no surprise that they entered this industry, too. While China has a strong emerging company, Xiaomi, fighting for a big slice of this pie, Oppo isn’t losing too: not only have they collaborated with lazada.sg, you might have seen them having physical shops in Singapore and Malaysia, with one heck of a big one in Suntec City.

We mentioned that the upcoming smartphone battle is between Samsung vs Xiaomi. But guess it could be Xiaomi vs. Oppo?


Oppa Samsung, it’s time to have some discounts, maybe?

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