Polish Your Moldy Shoes to Shine with this Trick

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Kiwi and brush, the staple products we need to polish our army boots before we step out of the house to go for our ICT; but imagine this: you are already running late for your meeting with the rest of your army kakis to book in and your boots are moldy from a year of disuse but you are unable to find any kiwi and brush lying around your house. What will you do? Read to find out about this surprising trick that you can use to polish your boots even without kiwi and brush.

This amazing trick that we saw on YouTube will change the way we view bananas from now on. Yes, you read that right, bananas. Previously, our website has an article written about turning rotten bananas back into its minion-worthy yellow with the use of uncooked rice and a hair dryer; today, you will see how a banana can be used in the place of shoe polish to turn your moldy pair of boots back into its shiny and parade-worthy state.

The instructions are easy, and all you need is a banana and a damp towel! First, peel the banana, leave the peeled fruit somewhere clean and use the underside of the fruit peel to rub over the boots. Remember to give the boots a wipe down with your towel after the banana treatment to prevent attracting ants and be treated to the sight of a shiny pair of boots that looks as good as new. After all the hard work, pick up the peeled banana and eat it to regain your energy. Really, it’s just as simple as that!

This method was also recently featured on the Men’s Health website on their “how-to” section.

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