Pop Pop Crackers: Why They Were Banned In Singapore

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Those who were born before the mid-1990s would remember this very well since it used to be one of our favourite things to play with during that time.

Nowadays, all children play with are iPads, iPhones, electric scooters and whatever else that runs on electricity and sadly, they will never understand the fun of Pop Pop Crackers because those items are now banned and are illegal.

The government never issued a statement regarding why these little balls of fun were banned; they simply vanished from the shelves of our neighbourhood shops without a trace.

The reason why these things were even banned in the first place was because they were marked by the government as dangerous fireworks under the Dangerous Fireworks Act.

It is the same reason why firecrackers were also banned in the early 1970s though it was only deemed illegal when two policemen were attacked with it.

According to Wikipedia, Pop Pop Crackers or bang snaps, as they are called overseas, are unable to inflict any sort of physical damage – even if they were thrown directly at someone’s skin – because the explosion is way too weak.

So why take our favourite childhood toy away from us? Give us back our Pop Pop Crackers!

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