How primary school life was like for Singaporeans born in the 1980s

Born before 1990? Or wondering how life was like more than ten years ago? Here are more things for you to reminisce after reading through my readers’ comments!

You can take a bus like a boss

Try this now and see how the bus captain would react: Board a bus, take out your Velcro wallet and show the driver your wallet. Then coolly walk to the back of the bus. Yeah, if you think tapping the Ez-link card on the reader is cool, think again.

We used to flash our card! If you’re still wondering how it worked, you must be younger than me

Everyone has a fighting fish

Digimon was cool? Nope. That’s so boring. Long ago, we have real pets to fight against other pets—fighting fishes. Usually purple, they must be kept isolated. When there was a battle, everyone crowded around. The other difference is that you can’t train them.

Zero Point

No, it’s not a new X-box game. It’s more interesting than any game in X-box—it’s created by many rubber bands, and you have to jump. High.

Don’t ask me why it is named Zero Point. Google it yourself, because fifteen years ago, there was no Google yet.

Centre-parting, long, sharp comb and No Fear tight T-shirt

Need any explanation? If so, I’ll use one word: Fashion. Go read A Singapore Love Story (my tenth novel)—in a few scenes, the setting is based during this period. You’ll know how you’ll be judged if you dress like that. And yes, I was fashionable (still can’t forget how I ensure my parting is neat every now and then). Oh, Andy Lau and David Beckham set the trend.

Autograph Book

With Facebook and WhatsApp, I don’t think people are still doing this. But I’m sure 1980s like me would remember: On the last day of school, we carry a book and ask our friends to write something, like “Friends Like You, Hard To Find”. Everyone would sign. Now, it seems like they’ll just “Add as Friend”.

We know not only our best friends, but their family members, too

Why, you might ask. Simple. You call your best friend’s house, and someone would pick up the phone. It would usually not be your friend. That someone would sooner or later remember you.

Born in 1990s and don’t understand why? Here’s an example. “Hello, can I speak to Apple?” “Apple arh? Wait arh.” Pauses. “APPLE!! ORANGE CALL AGAIN!!” Yeah. It’s the father. Again. Shit.

While it takes longer to build a relationship, the 1990s have built stronger relationships. Do you have any more interesting experiences you would like to share?

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This Singapore love story set in the 90s shows you why you should never wait for tomorrow. Watch it without crying:

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